Saturday, March 26, 2011

Triumph of Love Sneak Peek!

We got some pictures taken at our last run thru of Triumph of Love just to wet you whistle!

Leontine (Laura Gillespie) is wooed by the disguised princess (Jesse Anderson)

The disguised princess Phocion with her disguised servant Hermidas (Natalie Gauthier)

More Wooing

What does the gardener want!? (L-R) Natalie Gauthier, Amy Burks

Showing off!

Philosopher Hermocrate (Nathan Schmidt) sees through the disguise

Harlequin (Matt St. Jean) says too much!

Check back for more photos.
Two weeks til Triumph of Love opens on the Studio Stage in Rosebud.

All photo credits: Kelsey Krogman

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Unknown said...

Can't wait for opening tomorrow! Break a leg, you guys!